Through accessing the vibration of unconditional love, and developing the skill of visionary meditation, you have the power to heal yourself and love being alive.

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Through accessing the vibration of unconditional love, and developing the skill of visionary meditation, you have the power to heal yourself and love being alive.

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Many people would love to say that they are beings of unconditional love, but the truth is most people don't know what that means. Through our upbringing and years of conditioning we have been led away from ourselves, and now interact with others from a place of limitation, lack, and fear. This leads to fighting, arguing, disease and a whole lot of other problems in our daily lives. At best, it feels like we haven't fulfilled our potential on Earth. At worst, we feel lost, confused, and completely alone in the world. But it's time for that to change...





Being human can be a wonderful, yet often complicated experience. Many people spend their lives with unanswered questions, unfulfilled dreams, and a lack of self-awareness. Inner work and visionary meditation can help with this. Inner work is the process of going inside to explore yourself and the unconscious beliefs that shape your behavioural patterns and emotional experiences of life - and visionary meditation can help you do that.

Inner work includes methods like parts work, shadow work and inner child work which all involve using your imagination and intuition to identify and integrate suppressed and repressed parts of yourself, as well as heal emotional wounds. Although this work can be challenging, it's also deeply rewarding as it leads to self-awareness, authenticity, and ultimately inner peace.

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Inner work is one of the best ways to embraced life with all of its complexities. It allows you to understand yourself, your experiences, and your place in the world in a much deeper and more meaningful way.

Self-inquiry is the process of questioning deeply "who am I". It allows you to go beyond your limited personality and into the experience of your true self.

Entheogens, or psychedelics, are powerful tools that can provide deep healing and insight. They can help you to access parts of your consciousness that are normally out of reach.

When used on their own these tools and techniques can be confusing, frustrating , and sometimes dangerous. However, when they are appropriately combined they can answer your questions, and show you how to create your reality from a place of wholeness, completion, and unending love for all.


Heal yourself and free your body from the past

Inspire people simply by being who you are 

Access the field of infinite and unending possibilities 

Find a space that's as peaceful and unending as the sky,

Understand the interconnected nature of everything 

Stop basing your worth on what everyone else is thinking

Elevate your emotions and empower your visions

Rewrite humanity's story just by being you

End the cycle of self-doubt, self-sabotage and anxiety 

Be infinitely happy and free, no matter the weather outside

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 I offer a transformational process that shows people how to heal the relationship they have with themselves through accessing the frequency of unconditional love, and developing the skills of visionary meditation. 

I also train people to become transformational facilitators, and some of the best visionary meditation practitioners in the world. Join me on this extraordinary journey of self-discovery as you step back into your power, live from your heart, and love being alive.



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You feel like you're putting in too much effort to make your life (business, health, relationships, etc) work.

Despite your efforts, manifestation doesn't seem to work for you consistently and effortlessly.

You are still struggling to figure out how to work with your feelings and emotions masterfully.

You often feel like slowing things down, taking a break, or saying F#@*k it, I'm done with trying so hard

You have so many creative ideas, and you want to have more fun in life, but don't know where to start

You already get a lot of this, what you really want help with is bringing it all down to Earth.

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To be honest, Holly is a phenomenon. She is an uplifting vortex of intelligence, fun, practical wisdom, excellence, love and enlightened living. When it comes to living with ultimate freedom and empowerment, I cannot think of a more integrated or embodied woman or teacher to guid you on your way to self-mastery. She is a master facilitator and is profoundly adept at holding safe, yet powerful transformational spaces at a world-class level using multiple tools and techniques. The value you get from working with Holly is beyond this world.

~ Jawai Tao Shamayim ~

Holly exquisitely intertwines spirituality and self-development in a way that's accessible, powerfully transformational, and deeply resonant with your soul. Her enthusiasm, joy, and love explode out of her heart and through her beautiful big smile whenever she is sharing the powerful teachings and tools she has used herself and so deeply believes in. She is fiercely authentic, trustworthy, intelligent, humble, and playful! She holds space and guides with such genuine love and compassion, while encouraging you to take responsibility for yourself.

~ Elizabeth Chavez ~

Holly brings such a passionate joy into her way of teaching and facilitating that you can’t help but get excited about it yourself. Her ability to simplify and articulate complex topics around spirituality and personal development makes it easy to apply these understandings to your life in a practical way. Every time I work with Holly, I leave with a huge smile on my face because of the clarity I feel from our time together. She is an expert at embodying true unconditional love while holding you accountable to stepping into the greatest version of yourself.

~ Mia Anderson ~


Holly Achaya is a spiritual teacher, healer, and guide with over a decade of experience exploring the fields of biomedical science, Chinese medicine, metaphysics, psychology, spirituality, and plant medicine. She has learned from different mentors and has immersed herself in various practices including; Japanese acupuncture, self-enquiry, trance meditation, hypnosis, somatic therapies, and plant medicine ceremonies to name a few. Today she combines these tools and methods, with her understanding of human psychology, to help people who have a strong desire for liberation and freedom. 

Professionally Holly is the co-founder of the 'Earth Pulse Academy' and 'I Am Magic'. Through these platforms she helps individuals heal their past, clear their mind, and re-connect to the power of the heart within. An aspect of her philosophy - which is foundational to all her work - is that healing does not happen through rejecting aspects of the human experience, rather it happens through the complete love and acceptance of it all. Furthermore, that imagination is your only real limitation!

Join my free 'We Are Magic' Community